Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Be a True Hip Hop Artist

Here are a few concepts, or in other words, the main way on how to be a true hip-hop artist.


  1. Have your own style. Be unique.
  2. Here's some styles that you can merge into your own.
    • Southside (It consists of rapping fast and sharp. The beats are juicy and unique).
    • Eastcoast (It consists of rapping strong and powerful. The beats consist of samples, scratches and ambiance).
    • Westcoast ( It consists of rapping loud and slow, the beats are heavy bassed, instrumental based and have lots of bass drops)
    • Midwest ( It consists of rapping gentle and tender, the beats have jazz samples, synthesizers).
  3. Think of rapping as boxing and you are a boxer, each style is a different fighting technique; use your style to take down the opponent. Your music is the fight, each line is a Jab, the hook is the hook, the chorus is the fury and the Outro is the KO.
  4. Write your own lyrics. Don't take other people's lyrics or styles.


  • Think the unthinkable, make your music unexpected and a original flow
  • Use older (90's and back) soul/funk/disco music as your creativity such as The Ojay's, Kool and the Gang, Earth Wind & Fire, Roy Ayers and Elektrik Funk. The less known by today's people, the more unique it is.
  • You can be from the middle class and still be able to rap creatively. You don't have to from the hood to be good. Look at the Fugees, and a lotta other artists. Don't underestimate yourself because of where you come from.


  • Don't lie, be a poser, or pretend to be something you're not. Remember what happened to Vanilla Ice.
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